• Krivocheev

    Managing Partner
  • Мы не любим сражаться,
    мы любим побеждать.

    Бернард Шоу
  • Тяпкин
    Павел Ефремович

  • В профессии адвоката правды не существует.
    Существуют версии.
    И суд в любом случае основывается не на правде,
    а на доказательствах.

    Джоди Пиколт. "Обещание"
  • Клепиков
    Сергей Александрович

  • Несправедливость не всегда связана
    с каким-нибудь действием:
    часто она состоит именно в бездействии.

    Марк Аврелий
  • Когда гремит оружие,
    законы молчат.

  • Мы не любим сражаться,
    мы любим побеждать.

    Бернард Шоу
  • Зоркина
    Анна Анатольевна

  • В профессии адвоката правды не существует.
    Существуют версии.
    И суд в любом случае основывается не на правде,
    а на доказательствах.

    Джоди Пиколт. "Обещание"
  • Несправедливость не всегда связана
    с каким-нибудь действием:
    часто она состоит именно в бездействии.

    Марк Аврелий
  • Кузьмина
    Анна Валерьевна

  • Когда гремит оружие,
    законы молчат.

  • Инкижино
    Светлана Владимировна

    Инкижино Светлана Владимировна

Commercial product №2

 Personal service

Many things can happen in business sphere of life and this can lead to questions about legal problem solving. In this situation, we recommend you to seek qualified legal aid, as only professional lawyer can help you to solve your problems in a proper way.

The Lawyers of company "Practice" offer personal service that will provide legal solution of issues and problems constantly arising in the sphere of business.

We offer the following services in order to minimize legal risks in the current financial and economic activities of the organization:

• express check of your contractor for the signs of a one-day company

• analysis of the existing legal schemes of interaction with its counterparts in the terms of compliance with current legislation;

• legal examination of transactions;

• development of the basic documentation of the organization;

• legal consultations on economic law;

• handling complaints;

• representation in Arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all the instances;

• representation of the company’s interests in negotiations with third parties;

• coordination of transactions and other legal acts with the state, antitrust authorities and others.

The subscriber legal service of an organization consists of the following steps:

1 General familiarization with the activities of a company;

2 Conducting legal inspection of a company, the preparation of the report with the results of inspection, which will reflect the current state of the legal situation in a company, and providing with recommendations on eliminating identified shortcomings.

3. Drafting of standardized civil contracts for a particular company under its specific activities;

4 Organization of routine maintenance organization that can built on the principle of outsourcing, in which all the legal work performed by outside consultants organization (in this case there is no need to allocate a separate room legal department in your company, the funds paid to the law firm for legal services, you can reflect both the expenses of the organization, etc..), or on the basis of the establishment of the legal department of your organization's overall management that we take "into their own hands."

5 Since the documentary base of almost any organization is of particular value for dishonest contractors, law enforcement and other agencies, according to a separate agreement, we will be able to provide your company's extended service "Registrar of Companies", which consists in the reception and transmission of the basic documents of your organization of our Company for their subsequent storage in place that would prevent a presence.

6 At the conclusion of the agreement with our company's legal service, we will provide your organization a particular specialist, who performs general partnership with your organization, and, of course, is responsible for the quality of the service provided.

          The estimated cost of the Subscription Service is listed in our price list, Section VII. Legal service:

The volume of our ongoing due to the diligence of your organization can be characterized indirectly suggested below list of documents and information required for legal verification organization, and quality of work - recommendations from our clients that we provide at our first meeting:

The list of documents provided in scan:

  1 of title and other documents of the Company:

- Founding documents (Charter, Memorandum).

- Minutes of the General Meetings of the company for the entire period of operation.

- Extract from the register.

- Certificate of registration with the tax authority.

- Certificate of Incorporation to change.

- Notice of registration of extra-budgetary funds.

- Approved the Company's accounting policies.

- Lease agreements or joint ventures, or the certificate of ownership of the premises at the location of the Company.

2 documents permitted licensable activities:

- License applications.

- Certificate (certificate).

- Documentation concerning the licensing authority of the licensed activity.

3 Workers:

- Staffing Companies.

- Employment contracts with employees.

- Civil-law contracts with the employees.

- Orders for admission, transfer and dismissal of employees.

- Foreign workers (work permit, permission to hire foreign labor).

- Documentation of health and safety.

- Acts of labor inspection audits of the Company.

4 Balance sheet as at the last reporting date, with a breakdown of debtors / creditors, fixed assets, as well as:

- Acts of the tax office as a result of visiting, desk audits.

5 Contracts Company:

- With a foreign company (executed) for the period 2005 - present.

- Acting today.

- A separate R & D agreements, foreign direct delivery.

- A separate breach of contract of sale, lease real property.

- Separately outstanding (warranty) supply contracts, purchase and sale of equipment, systems.

6 patents, inventors' certificates, trademarks (service marks), the domain name:

- Certificate, contracts and so on.

7 documents (development), circuit protection against hostile takeovers.

- Pledge Agreement, loan, mortgage, joint activities.

- "Golden parachutes".

Plan due diligence organization:

1 The first stage (1st week) - the documents referred to in para. 1, 2.

2 The second phase (week 2) - the documents referred to in para. 3, 5.

3 The third stage (Week 3) - the documents referred to in Sec. 4, 6, 7.

4 Preparation of conclusion.

Regardless of the "value" of your organization, we will carry out its due diligence for one month after your treatment to us and giving us the documents claimed.

With kind regards and best wishes,

Group Practice